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Implementing the Anteeo WMS system is usually carried out in a predefined standard model.
The predefined implementation constitutes a proposal consisting in launching the system in a model configuration for a company from the TSL industry with up to 15 computer stations in the warehouse and using up to 15 mobile devices in its operation. This approach assumes adjusting the manner of work at the warehouse to the functionality of the ANTEEO WMS system specific for the TSL industry.

Discover our method of implementing the Anteeo WMS system:

Implementation works System version

SPRINT model

The Sprint model constitutes a proposal to launch the ANTEEO WMS system in the LITE version, based on the best practices from the previous system implementations. The implementation concerns launching functions available after installing the system and functions requiring configuration with predefined settings. The offer is addressed to companies that will adapt their operations to the new technological conditions that will arise through the use of bar codes and mobile terminals.
Implementation works include granting access to the ANTEEO WMS system located in the Microsoft Azure cloud and carrying out a one-day training concerning the functioning of: product receipt, product release, product repositioning, and stocktaking. This model is designed for warehouses carrying out simple warehouse service.

Labour intensity: from 3 days

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Configuration analysis

Analytical work involving the use of barcodes for identifying products, receipt and release of products, the method of recording products, agreeing on the location structure, identifying users with authorizations, and writing an implementation analysis document. As a result, a document is created describing the discussed issues and the cost estimate for implementing the system.

Labour intensity: 5–12 days

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STANDARD implementation

The assumptions for the implemented system functions are determined through an implementation analysis. The works include system configuration, user training and production launch. User training is carried out in accordance with the Anteeo WMS user training program.

Labour intensity: 17–35 days

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Migration to the ENTERPRISE version

The system in the STANDARD version can be upgraded to the extended version – ENTERPRISE. Migration consists in transforming data structures. After completing the migration, it will be possible to initiate implementation works concerning new solutions based on the process analysis. The migration is carried out in two stages, first for testing purposes, and after verification, also for production.

Labour intensity: 5-10 days.

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Process analysis

Analytical works including analysing warehouse processes that will be supported by the Anteeo WMS system. As a result of the works, a process specification will be created, which is going to constitute the basis for implementing the system or for modifying the existing Anteeo WMS configuration. The individual processes are defined by: synthetic description, an activity diagram, and a process diagram.

Labour intensity: 20–30 days

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ENTERPRISE implementation

Implementation works based on a detailed process specification, including system configuration, user training, and implementing additional functions. The scope of work is determined on the basis of a process analysis. This model is intended for warehouses using at least 20 mobile terminals. The works include a dedicated training program and acceptance tests verifying the company's preparedness for launching the new system.

Labour intensity: depending on the scope of work, completion date, and scope of launching support

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