WMS system in a cloud
Accessible from any location, 24/7
Reduction of infrastructure and IT network maintenance costs

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Anteeo WMS 365 in the Cloud Computing technology

A perfect solution for companies which value reliable technologies and unlimited access to their company's resources.

Anteeo WMS 365 is a platform based on the Microsoft Azure technology that allows you to store and access information in a Cloud.

Your data centre can become a fully functional infrastructure with optimally managed processes anywhere, and at any time.

Availability of up-to-date software with the possibility of managing the number of owned licenses in a flexible manner, as well as access to the Help Desk department.

Anteeo WMS 365 is a version of the Anteeo WMS system
based on Microsoft Azure, which enables the installation of Anteeo WMS Modules:

  • Anteeo WMS Manager

    The module allows for managing warehouse processes, planning work, and provides an insight into both the execution of the orders and the staff's activity. It allows assigning orders based on priorities and tracking the progress of ongoing operations.

  • Anteeo WMS Warehouseman

    The module is intended for implementing operations by a warehouse worker from the level of a mobile device. It ensures automation and comfort of work, as well as minimizes the occurrence of human errors, significantly increasing the efficiency of the performed tasks.

  • Anteeo WMS B2B

    An interface allowing to notify receipts and external releases as well as generating inventory statements from the level of a web browser.

  • Anteeo WMS Shipping

    The module allows to cooperate with many delivery companies, which facilitates organising warehouse work and more efficient notification concerning courier parcels.

  • Anteeo WMS API ERP

    The interface enables direct integration with a dedicated ERP class system.

  • Anteeo WMS Notifications

    The module informs the specified people via e-mail about receiving an order for execution and releasing goods from the warehouse.

  • Anteeo WMS Billing

    A billing module allowing to define the billing terms for a customer. On their basis, billing reports are generated containing information concerning specific fees for warehouse services.

  • Anteeo WMS Picking

    Picking allows a warehouse worker to complete multiple orders at the same time. The optimal collection path and picking with a trolley allows for a significant increase in efficiency when carrying out more orders.

  • Anteeo WMS Packing

    The packaging module constitutes an interface supporting the process of preparing orders for shipment. From the level of the packing station, the user verifies the completed orders and registers the transport units.

  • Anteeo WMS Printouts Designer

    The module allows creating and generating dedicated warehouse and transport documents. Anteeo WMS Printouts is based on a built-in tool for designing dedicated system printouts – Stimulsoft.

  • Anteeo WMS BI

    A module taking advantage of the Microsoft Power BI tool to carry out an advanced business analysis. Integration with the Anteeo WMS database ensures transforming data into information, and information into knowledge, which can work directly in favour of increasing the organisation's competitiveness.

  • Anteeo WMS Forklift Terminal

    A solution for forklift operators for full-pallet handling. The module works with a hand-held barcode reader and trolley terminals.

  • Anteeo WMS Apaczka

    The Anteeo WMS Apaczka module allows taking advantage of the potential of the largest logistic services platform in Poland - Apaczka, complementing the system's functionality with available integrations with courier companies. All orders and shipment tracking in one place, without minimum delivery requirements, at competitive prices.

Advantages of the Anteeo WMS 365 solution

  • You take advantage of your company's resources anywhere, anytime.
  • Your server will not be overloaded, even during intense work.
  • By keeping your data in one place, you manage it more efficiently.
  • You don't have to worry about your data. We will prepare backups for you.
  • The flexible technology is completely tailored to the needs of your business.
  • You pay only for the services you use in the cloud, thanks to which you minimize the costs associated with operating the IT network. Billing takes place in the SaaS subscription service model.
  • You increase your offer for customers without investing in building a physical infrastructure.
  • To use the programs available online, you do not have to purchase additional licenses, e.g. for Microsoft SQL Server or remote access software.

Anteeo WMS – system functions

  • Receiving products
    • Delivery notification
    • Vehicle unloading
    • Registering received products
    • Receipt verification
    • Setting aside units for storage
    • Receipt closing
    • Returns
  • Relocation of products
    • Change of position
    • Warehouse transfer
    • Transfer between centres
    • Restocking
  • Product release
    • Product release order
    • Completion of releases
    • Transfer between centres
    • Single-order release picking
    • Collective release picking
    • Packing releases
    • Shipping releases
  • Stocktaking
    • Physical inventory
    • Inventory differences
  • Billing of warehouse services
    • Billing parameters
    • Defining the conditions for charging a fee
    • Charging storage fees for an indicated period


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Target group Small firms, basic warehouse processes Small firms, simple warehouse processes _
Implementation Time 5 workdays 15 workdays _
Server version _
Cloud version _
Cloud 365 version (SaaS)
License rental/month
Number of served companies 1 1 No limits
Minimum number of users 2 2 2
System installation
Company server or server platform hosting -
Data Centre Servers Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure, Comarch Cloud, Polcom Cloud Microsoft Azure, Comarch Cloud, Polcom Cloud
Integration with ERP systems, e-commerce, couriers
Power BI -
Sprint from 3 days - -
Configuration analysis - 5–12 days -
Standard - 17–35 days -
Process analysis - - 20–30 days
Enterprise - - to be determined after analysing the processes
Assistance (warranty) 12 months 12 months 12 months
SLA agreement and Post-implementation Care

Detailed valuation will take place after analysing the customer's needs and requirements.

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