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Thank you for your interest in the Anteeo WMS system. To carry out an initial valuation for you,
we will ask you to complete a needs questionnaire. This will allow us to better understand the operation of your business and more precisely determine the approximate costs of implementing Anteeo WMS.
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1. What are the most important goals of the company within 1-3 years from now? What does the company want to achieve? Please mark the correct answers:

2. Is a WMS currently being used for warehouse management?

3. Which ERP system is currently used in the company? Select:

4. Will integration with external systems be required?

5. Why are the current IT solutions insufficient? What do you want to achieve by implementing a new solution? Which functionalities are missing in the current system?

6. What are the most important, main functional areas of the system, critical for the company, in which you want to improve efficiency?

7. What is your company's leading economic activity?

8. What is the warehouse space?

9. Characteristics of the warehouse infrastructure. Please select the correct features:

10. Are high storage racks installed in the warehouse?

11. Are the racks already marked?

12. What are the rules for placing products in warehouse locations?

13. What warehouse activities, apart from receiving and releasing products, are performed in the warehouse?

14. Are the following used in the warehouse? Please mark the correct answer:

15. Scope of handling goods by batch:

16. What types of warehouse reports are to be generated by the warehouse system?

17. What storage devices, such as e.g. forklifts, are located in the warehouse? Please mark the correct answer:

18. How large is the team operating the warehouse? Please mark the correct answer:

19. What is the number of warehouse operations carried out daily? Please mark the correct answer:

20. Are mobile terminals used in the warehouse?

21. If YES, what is the device type? Please mark the correct answer:

22. What types of barcodes are supported?

23. What is the expected functionality concerning data collectors? Please mark the correct answer:

24. Communication with customers (what are the orders like)? Please select.

25. Hardware resources (servers, collectors, WIFI) at the warehouse? Please select.

26. What courier companies does the company work with? Please select.

27. Are you interested in a billing module – allowing to prepare a billing report for warehouse services?

28. What is the preferred access to the Anteeo WMS system?

29. What operating system do you work with?

30. When are you planning to launch production with the new system? Please type in here:

31. Requirements concerning supporting the warehouse processes by the ANTEEO WMS system

32. How did you find out about Anteeo WMS?

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